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A Thematic Catalogue of the Works of Michel-Richard de Lalande 1657-1726 
assisted by John Nightingale and with the support of the British Academy
Oxford University Press, Oxford, December 2005. 
Contains 3,180 music examples, 750 pages.
Lionel Sawkins's monumental 750-page Thematic Catalogue of Lalande's music, the product of 35 years work, has just been published by Oxford University Press and has been described as 'a truly beautiful book' which 'makes Lalande's compositions fully accessible to musicians, musicologists and music lovers, with over 3,000 music examples, details of performing requirements, and of all source materials'. This Catalogue is the cornerstone on which authoritative performances and recordings of Lalande's music will need to be based, and underlines the fundamental role played by music scholars in enabling baroque and other early music to be accessible to the music-loving public. Without a reliable edition of a baroque work on the music stands, performers and recording companies cannot even begin to rehearse.

Lalande et ses contemporains
(Actes du Colloque Lalande International: Versailles 2001)
Hommage à Marcelle Benoit
Edited and with three articles by Lionel Sawkins, and eleven others by distinguished French Baroque scholars. (Paris, Editions des Abbesses, Paris, 2008).

‘En Province, à Versailles et au Concert spirituel: reception, diffusion et exécution des motets de Lalande au XVIIIe siècle’
(An article by Lionel Sawkins originally given as a paper at a Colloque organised by the Société française de musicologie in Toulouse, in 2000, in Revue de Musicologie: 92 (2006/1).)

‘Exotic nectar transformed: the grands motets of Lalande’s maturity’

Early Music 25/4 (November 2007).

Editions of grands motets by Lalande:
Usque quo Domine, Veni Creator and Dixit Dominus (see also Editions)
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